NIH Project Number: R25NS088248

Current Status: Active

The NINDS Clinical Trials Methodology Course (CTMC) is an intensive, engaging program designed to help junior investigators develop scientifically rigorous, yet practical clinical trial protocols, and to focus on early consideration of funding mechanisms as a key trial planning activity.



The CTMC is organized by the University of Michigan, in collaboration with the University of Iowa and Los Angeles BioMed. 

The CTMC consists of distance and on-site learning opportunities. The course will begin with a series of open-access webinars in early Spring 2019. An in-person residential phase will be held in July 22 - 25, 2019 in Iowa City, Iowa. The CTMC will provide funding for travel and lodging to successful applicants. Additional remote course activities will occur in Fall 2019. 



Detailed information on the application including an informational webinar with Q&A can be found here.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019 at midnight 



Videos of the 2018 residential course presentations in Ann Arbor, MI are available here.

Videos of the previous years' CTMC webinars are available here.  

Those who are interested in adaptive design can visit this page to review videos of the DESIGN-IT conference, supported by funding from NIH and FDA.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: please contact us at ninds-ctmc-info@umich.edu.



The course is supported by the NINDS: R25 NS088248