ARCTIC - Acute Rapid Cooling for Traumatic Injuries of the Cord 

Status: Preparing

ARCTIC is a proposal being developed for NETT in collaboration with Mike Wang and Dalton Deitrich and others at the University of Miami for a prospective, multi-center trial of moderate intravascular hypothermia for the treatment of acute traumatic cervical spinal cord injury.  This study will assess the efficacy of moderate induced hypothermia (33.5 + 0.2° C) for improving the ASIA motor score. Significant improvement will be determined by a greater than 10 point difference between the two treatment arms in the mean change in ASIA motor score as determined at 12 months follow-up.  As requested, the protocol summary for the original submission is provided as a link below for your information.

The proposal is being revised for re-submission to the NINDS.  As part of this revision, NETT sites are being asked to collect de-identified data in preparation for research to inform the feasability of the trial.  Please download the materials below (which are the same as those sent out in an earlier email).

Also Hubs should review the document titled "Hub Information" which is a table of the potential site investigators identified by each site prior to the initial submission of this grant application over a year ago.  Please let us know about any updates to this list as I suspect it may have changed over time at some sites.  We plan to use this as the basis for a contact list to allow some neurosurgeon to neurosurgeon communications ahead of the resubmission as well.

For more information on ARCTIC click on the links below: